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The Woods: Part 2

Kyle King is wandering naked in The Woods. At ranger headquarters, Trenton Ducati is drafting his report of several missing persons when Kyle enters in a daze, his hard on demanding attention. Trentonís hand is quickly stroking Kyleís cock. Trenton leads Kyle to his desk for an examination that requires touching every inviting part of him. Trenton eases a butt plug into Kyleís pulsating hole. Trenton taps it and laps at it, then moves to Kyleístaint, his balls and up his cock. The plug moves in and out controlled by Kyleís will, as Trenton sucks his rock-hard cock. A pearl of precum at the tip of Kyleís penis signalsTrenton to trade the butt plug for hot Trentonís massive dick. While Trentonís fucking Kyle with total abandon, in walks Ranger Charlie Harding, who sees the steamy twosome.Instantly, Charlie gets involved, reaching out to explore Trentonís torso. Trenton steps aside and Charlie sinks his throbbing meat into Kyle, who takes it from behind while he sucks Trenton, whose cock still radiates the heat from Kyleís ass. Charlie never saw his boss naked, but now heís going to fuck him ó fulfilling his unrequited lust. Trentonís cock is a beacon for Kyleís mouth and soon their cum is flying as a mysterious blinding light shines upon them.

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  • Length : 24:16 min |