Wild Ride

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Video Description: Shipping Room Shenanigans - Ricky Sinz and Antton Harriwere put to work in our shipping department. Suffice it to say we'vedecided to keep them out of that area. Why? As you'll see in thisscene, nothing gets done! Nothing productive anyway. Ricky clearlyhas other plans and sets Antton's sweet mouth to work sucking theSinz. Ricky's demanding poll works Antton's tongue into a Latinlather. Ricky turns Antton around, bends hi over the shipping tableand slips his shipper into Antton's sweet, smooth ass. A good asspounding is what Antton wants and that's exactly what he gets. Rickythen lies out on the table and Antton rides Ricky's pole, showing offhis beautiful Latin body for us. Ricky then gets back on the floor, laysAntton on the table, and fuck their way to a splattering payload.