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Alley Cats

  • Updated 2011-12-09
  • | 02:08:49
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Categories Anal, bondage, butt play, cum shots, fetish, Foreskin, Hairy, jockstraps, Leather, masturbation

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You never know what, or who, you might find in the dark, seedy alleysof the city. These masculine and adventurous Alley Cats, clad in theirhottest leather gear, roam the side streets and hidden areas of thecity for the thrills of anonymous meetings with other horny men on theprowl. These chance meetings in public raise the intensity level to themaximum and get these hunks supercharged with testosterone. Thehard core sex that follows between these strangers is gritty, thrillingand roughly passionate. Come venture with these Alley Cats as theyexplore their deepest fantasies in the tough city streets.


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