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Behind The Big Top

  • Updated 2013-04-19
  • | 01:33:00
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Behind the Big Top gives you a sexy, gritty look at what happens behind the scenes at the traveling circus when the performers and the stage hands get each other worked up and share aggressive sword swallowing and unbridled fucking. Director Tony Dimarco cracks the ringmaster's whip of this sexual circus, directing the restless sexual appetites of his dynamic and energized cast. Ferocious sucking and rimming take no back seat to the animalistic fucking in this greatest sex show on earth. Strong man Rogan Richards plans to jerk himself off in the mirror until he spies the cock-hungry duo of Logan Vaughn and Leo Domenico. This is three-ring action you won't want to miss. Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long are the friskiest cubs ever, and like any good acrobats, they invent gravity-defying sexual positions in which to connect and go deeper. Genesis Luna thought he was alone, jerking off in the prop tent, but his grunting wakes Leo Domenico, who was asleep in one of the animal cages. Leo comes too quickly and makes Genesis's ass the object of his cock's desire. Bushy beard meets bushy cock when circus performer Dale Cooper and bearded man James Jamesson find themselves in the same place, with the same need. Their powerful multi-position fuck is made even more riveting by James' ability to suck himself. At this circus, you'll want to hurry past the midway and head to the tent Behind the Big Top. That's where you want to be if you like your men brawny and ripe, and your spooge seasoned with saliva and sweat.


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