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Centurion Muscle 4 - Erotikus Dvd Cover

Centurion Muscle 4 - Erotikus

  • Updated : 08-08-2007
  • | : 02:00:37
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Categories Anal, Big Dick, Bodybuilder, cum shots, GroupSex / Orgies, Hairy, international, Interracial, jockstraps, masturbation


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A heart-stoppingly real, truly intimate study of the 'mega homoerectus,' captured at his most passionate and powerful primal heat.CM4 elevates sex and flesh to a level of art that will make you sweatand growl like the manimals it documents. This is a monument to allwho lust after monster-dicked mountains of massively buffed heroesof hoochie, the ones who stride like giants and rut like pigs. These arethe real deal muscle gods of your dreams doing it with an intensereckless abandon that will totally redefine all previous benchmarks offull balls-out, take-no-prisoner & expect-no-quarter doin'-it-till-youdropsex. Nothing here is scripted, censored, or staged. Everymoment unfolds raw and electric, dripping with the alarmingly honestinner beast power every elite CM sexual gladiator brings to his match.As only he can, SLATER has concocted a heady erotic brew of sleazeand desire that will intoxicate the viewers the same way the cast gothigh off each other. It not only achieves the lofty levels of itspredecessors in the series, but goes on to push even deeper into thelibidos of its men and audience. It is, in short, a triumph.


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