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Centurion Muscle 5 Maximus Dvd Cover

Centurion Muscle 5 Maximus

  • Updated : 08-21-2008
  • | : 02:27:11
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The #1 major muscle movie company on the planet, JD SLATER'SCENTURION PICTURES XXX, in association with RAGINGSTALLION STUDIOS are very excited to announce the latest releasein the best selling CENTURION MUSCLE series, CM5 'MAXIMUS'.This collection of horse-hung, oversexed, mega-muscled manmeatnot only hits the erotic heights of its illustrious predecessors, itpowerhumps and pumps up the action, setting a whole new standardin musclehead porn. JD SLATER, along with co-director andvideographer JAKE DECKARD, takes the viewer on a trip thattransports them to a grungy nirvana of steamy and seemly delightswhere big dicked musclebears rut and grunt their way to pigfuckheaven. This is a sleazy, over the fuckin' top account of whathappened when they gathered together the 9 biggest and horniestgymrats they could find worldwide, then let them run amuck in a hazeof testosterone-enhanced balls-out anarchy. These are buffed,massive, hairy, tattooed cockmasters that pound each other like worldpeace depended on it. This video captures the raw animal energy oftheir amazing, real-time, unscripted whorehound sexcapades... andthey are even better than you could have possibly imagined. No oneelse in the adult industry serves up the juicy big meat with as muchspice and sizzle as SLATER/CENTURION/RSS. So grab the lube andyour dick and get ready for the 'MAXIMUS' juggernaut of prime beefthat is going to barrel off your screen and into your wet dreamsforever.


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