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Fucked Hard

  • Updated 2012-11-09
  • | 01:37:59
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Categories Anal, Big Dick, Bodybuilder, Boots, butt play, butts, cum shots, Foreskin, Hairy, Interracial

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With barrel chests, furry bods, huge cocks and inviting asses, there's no doubt that some of the hottest studson the planet are about to get Fucked Hard. The sexual heat and intensity in the air can only lead to fleshslippery with sweat; hot lips squeezing and sucking tasty, huge meat; and welcoming and bottomless holesthat are wet with anticipation of a pummeling. Three top directors Chris Ward, Steve Cruz and BrunoBond deliver some of their best work ever, putting these eight rough and rugged models to the test. Whichtop can dive to the depths of a bottom's insatiable desire as well as the depths of his hole? Which bottom canopen himself to being taken, then taken again, surrendering first his throat, then his ass to a top who is drivento go deeper with every thrust? Dominic Sol's hunger can only be sated by a hard pounding from hairychesteddaddy Bruno Knight. On a one man mission to achieve powerful mouth and ass domination, Jesse Santana achieves his goal by delivering his cock ruthlessly to bear cub Heath Jordan. Leo Forte invites therelentless power of Derek Parker in a mysterious near illicit meeting filled with super-charged sex.Charlie Harding knows what he wants as he commands every inch of Ty Roderick's willing and completelyable mouth and ass! With all this unbridled sexual energy masterfully directed by three of gay porn's bestdirectors, you'll want to see these Raging men get Fucked Hard again and again.


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