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Director Adam Killian wraps up his Monster Bang Cock Trilogy with Cock Tease. It may be the hardest 150 minutes of your life. Tattered clothing exposing all the best parts is the common denominator of these scenes, and it starts the tease. It both reveals and conceals, freeing your imagination to choose between the hidden flesh and the exposed. It's all hard, and sweaty enough to make you dizzy, and then Adam Killian choses some of the biggest dicks he can find to really get you teased into a jack off frenzy. Jesse Santana's hole, which he primes with plunging fingers, is the perfect receptacle for Trenton Ducati's throbbing massive cock, which nearly tears its way through his shorts. Mitchell Rock, whose name only hints at his physical perfection, makes himself a living sling as he grabs onto rings hanging from the ceiling and swings his way onto Caleb Colton's waiting giant cock. Director Adam Killian is jolted enough by Caleb's topping ability to challenge him to bottom, with Adam himself determined to make Caleb love having a giant tube steak in his ass. Jake Genesis is on the prowl in the final scene, and he sets his sights on Brayden Forrester, a man of lean muscle, ample body hair, oral skill and hungry hole. Somewhere in every man there's a Cock Tease, and these four industrial scenes loaded with monster man meat will fuel your imagination and get your testosterone circulating.

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