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San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2 Dvd Cover

San Francisco Meat Packers - Part 2

  • Updated 2014-06-06
  • | 01:37:07
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'San Francisco Meat Packers' packs in all your favorite cuts of meat, from rump roast to prime beef, but their specialty is Grade XXX man meat. Their slogan is 'Packin' the best meat in town' and they live up to every word, delivering the choicest cuts deep into their coworkers! These meat packin' tops have extra-large tube steaks that will leave you smackin' your lips and begging for more. And for all the pork lovers out there, 'San Francisco Meat Packers' is full of raunchy sex pig bottoms eager to take every inch. In Part 2, director Tony Dimarco serves up only the most prime and choice cuts. It's grilling season, and the 'San Francisco Meat Packers' are offering tips on how best to enjoy meat. There's nothing like a hot poker to ward off the chill of a cold meat locker. Angel Rock provides the poker and Chris Bines' rump benefits from the heat packed by his meat. Being a meat packer is exhausting work, and at day's end, Tommy Defendi lets his meat melt in the mouth and ass of Chris Bines. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and when Angelo Marconi is done rubbing down the work tables, he rubs Jimmy Durano right with a rump that's sizzling. Tenderloin anyone? Boomer Banks has a cut of meat to rival anyone's, and Billy Santoro prepares it with a juicy basting of his lips before becoming a human rotisserie on the end of Boomer's spit. After watching 'San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 2,' you'll be drooling for some tasty meat.


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