Alone On The Range

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Starring Parker Perry
Scene Description: Surveying the land around the ranch, Parker Perry needs a rest fromhis long hike. He finds a tree trunk to sit down on and he startsstroking his bulge and his chest. Apparently his hiking got him reallyhorned up because his huge dick is nearly bursting out of his jeans,and he takes off his sleeveless flannel, showing off his hairy pecksand stomach. He spits some saliva onto his uncut cock to work it inand lube up his tube steak and proceeds to feel himself up and jackhis big mack. Once his jeans come down around his ankles, he'sreally getting into the self-gratification, playing with his balls and cockand tweaking his nipple. As his foreskin bobs back and forth over hishead, he's really working his cock right with both fists wrapped aroundit and soon he's jerking faster and faster until he unleashes his load.


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