Big Bigger Biggest 1

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Scene Description: Jay Black and Justin Christopher are naked at the opening of thisscene. Justin quickly dives for Jay's big dick and works it eagerly withhis throat. Jay goes down on Justin's massive dick, working the headand the entire long shaft all the way down to the big balls. Justinpushes Jay down for a chance to eat his ass. Jay's ass opens upeasily for Justin's tongue. Jay's pink hole peaks out as Justin divesdeep into it with hunger. But the butt eating is just a warm-up forJustin's huge cock. Justin pushes deep into Jay's ass and beginspounding. Justin's huge rod bangs in and out of Jay's hole as Jaymoans and grinds up against Justin trying to get every inch. Justinlies back with his big dick sticking straight up and Jay jumps on top fora hard ride. Jay works Justin's cock up and down in his asshole,riding him like a horse until he explodes, covering Justin with cum.Jay climbs off and kisses Justin as he pumps out a huge load.