Head Hunting

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Scene Description: All three of our young men - Toby Dutch, Lucas Fox and Leo Domenico - are being interviewed for a Headhunting position by Geoffrey Paine. During the interview process some peculiar questions are asked as the heat in the room rises to a boiling point as well as the levels of testosterone. Lucas, Toby and Leo forget all about the interview and begin stripping off their clothes revealing their perfectly chiseled muscular bodies and attacking each other. Leo goes down on Lucas as his cock glistens and is swallowed whole by Leo. Toby then takes his turn at choking down Lucas's huge cock. Leo joins in and he and Toby work over Lucas' hot cock. Leo continues chomping on Lucas's cock as Lucas sucks on Toby's elongated cock. The guys continue switching back and forth and swallowing each other's cocks. Leo then rams his cock through the back of a chair until he drives himself wild with pleasure and spews his huge load. Turned on by what they just witnessed, Lucas and Toby rip off two huge loads themselves. The Headhunter nods his approval, and this interview process has just begun.