High Tops

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Scene Description: Tristan Jaxx gets home and undresses on his way to meeting ManuelDeBoxer on the couch. Tristan bends in for a kiss before working hisway to Manuel's big uncut dick. Tristan works the dick with his big lips,focusing a bit on the foreskin. Manuel pushes Tristan back and pullshis pants down to reveal Tristan's thick, long cock. Tristan sits and letsManuel go for it, working the big dick and then heading towards hisballs. Manuel works the balls and heads south to Tristan's tight hairyhole. Tristan gets a great rim job before bending Manuel over for thesame treatment. Manuel's big hairy butt hides a beautiful hole whichgets licked and prodded with Tristan's tongue. Tristan suits up andbegins to fuck Manuel, who is bent over doggy style on the couch.Manuel takes it like a champ and both men are moaning and groaningas they fuck. Tristan sits back and lets Manuel do the work, riding thebig dick up and down into his hole. When it's time to cum, Manuelgets back on his knees to suck and swallow Tristan's load beforeblowing his own load onto the floor.