Lords Of The Jungle

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Scene Description: Jake Deckard and Marc LaSalle decide to follow the coast for a bit tosee what they can find. After walking along a sheer cliff they comeacross a mysterious cave, a tunnel that leads inland from the sea.Feeling adventurous, they enter the cave and walk into the darkness.They soon discover that this an ancient lava tube that leads to anisolated patch of hidden jungle. As they explore deeper and deeperthey become exhausted. Jake needs to take a piss. When Marccatches a glimpse of Jake's cock he can't help but stare! Jake,frustrated at the situation, gives in and lets Marc take a turn on hisever-hardening pole. Marc is thirsty and he sucks like there is notomorrow--Jake, now fully engaged, starts to fuck Marc's eager facein a blowjob that is stunning to behold. Before long, Marc offers up histight ass, which Jake makes his own! Three dramatic fuck positionsfollow in a grand slam opener to this amazing movie. Marc LaSalle isa new superstar, and his performance with Jake Deckard is that of achampion!