Scene Description: A group of savage tomb robbers loot a lost Egyptian crypt in search ofa golden ushabti - a treasured golden statue that is the most valuableartifact from the ancient world. Eight Arabian men - all dark, sweaty,and swarthy - rummage through the treasure chamber, pocketing theriches of ancient Egypt. Their joy turns to ecstasy, urged on by thewall paintings of nude Nubian soldiers. Aroused by their own lust forgold, a massive orgy breaks out in a scene that is the greatest groupperformance ever directed by Chris Ward. What ensues is an 8-manorgy with 25 cum shots and so many fuck positions that the KamaSutra must be consulted to figure them all out - a tour de force ofmale erotica. The actors in the scene are Steve Cruz, Marc LaSalle,Rambo, Max Schutler, Dominic Pacifico, Tommy Blade, JustinChristopher, and Huessein. They all start by sucking each other off ina frenzy of cock worship that results in each of them blowing massive,wet loads.