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Scene Description: Samuel Colt and Angelo Marconi are in the Hard Friction studio readyto show off their bulging muscles and hard cocks for the Liveaudience. They stand naked, kissing and exploring each other's hardbodies and throbbing cocks. Angelo is ready to suck some cock andgives Samuel a spit-soaked blowjob before lying back to get his turnfrom Samuel. Angelo's dick is rock hard as Samuel licks and sucks itwhile rubbing down his ripped abs and massive pecs. He thenspreads Angelo's legs wide and goes to work on his hole. Angelo isreally turned on and fingers himself as Samuel tongues his hot hole.Samuel's cock needs more attention, so he climbs up on Angelo andfucks his face push-up style while Angelo hold his legs. These twomuscle men are strong! Angelo is a hungry cocksucker and swallowsdown Samuels cock and both balls! The audience wants to see somefucking and these two studs do not disappoint. Samuel poundsAngelo's hot ass in three positions while rimming and fingering himuntil both studs blow their creamy white loads.